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இதனை இதனால் இவன்முடிக்கும் என்றாய்ந்து
அதனை அவன்கண் விடல்.

Select a person with appropriate means to tackle the kind of job,
and entrust it for efficient management.

At Visvadaya, we believe in delegating the right job to the  right person. Stringent recruitment standards help us get the best employees in the field with high technical expertise and commitment. Once on board we entrust  the person  with the task and  this has helped us a lot in micro management.


A team of experienced professionals who understand the finer nuances of the buyers requirements in terms of fabric texture, weave, color, pattern, fall and other criteria make sure that those parameters are perfectly adhered to. Our merchandisers are periodically updated with latest trends in terms of fabric, weave and other developments in the International garment field.



The soul of the end-product gets designed here. A top-of-the line master designer with rich experience gives shape to the chosen fabrics. His expert mind and deft hands work in tandem to bring out the master design. This is kept as master sample for buyer approval and our reference.




The cutting operations form the heart of the entire process of apparel making. Visvadaya has the very best in cutting work force to get the best out of this section. Pattern for each style and size is taken by the master and after approvals from different departments the bulk cutting process starts.All International safety and quality measures are adhered to.



This centre is equipped with imported machines. The machines are well arranged so that the internal movement of garments is minimized and the critical works are given to more experienced and master tailors .Every sewing machine here has several attachments and guides to maintain uniform quality of strength of the stitch. The line supervisors are delegated to different sections in this department and a close vigil is kept to ensure quality stitching.



Every finished garment undergoes a stringent quality –assurance system at Visvadaya. The ever vigilant eyes of the quality control team thoroughly comb the garments for anomalies and pass only the flawless to the next stage



International packing standards or guidelines given by buyers are strictly followed. The finished goods are packed in our final dispatch section and the goods are ready for inspection from buying house. After final inspection the goods are dispatched to port.